Our last name is on the bottle, because we put our whole selves into these wines. No interns, no silent partners. We answer not to a committee, not to consultants, only to our palates and our hearts. Slow, patient, careful steps, drawing on our shared knowledge and years of experience. No shortcuts. For us, there is no other way.


Raised in an Italian household in Berkeley, educated at UC Davis, Massimo landed in Napa Valley after apprenticing in wine regions across the world. Those harvests abroad were richly formative: at Tignanello in Italy, with Adi Badenhorst in South Africa, and Clos de los Siete in Argentina. They cemented in Massimo an unshakable work ethic, and a drive to create wines that would be appreciated by a global audience.

Here at home, his experience deepened, making wines at Ovid, Screaming Eagle and with Atelier Melka. He realized his guiding winemaking principles: sustainable agriculture, a less is more approach, organic yeast, low sulfur, little to no fining or filtration, and no technological manipulation of the wines. We bring all of these experiences together in Di Costanzo.


Born and raised in Alaska, Erin’s passion for wine led to her successes as a Certified Sommelier in New York City, where she discovered that a love for wine means a lifetime of study and discovery. When Napa beckoned, she accepted the role of Wine Director at PRESS in St. Helena, and from there her wine career continued to thrive as she sourced and discovered wines from the best and most coveted winemakers in California for her retail clients and won awards for her influence in the wine world. And she also “discovered” Massimo: Just weeks after they met, they picked their first parcel of Cabernet Sauvignon together.

Combining a sommelier’s palate and an encyclopedic knowledge of wine, with a natural warmth and flair for hospitality, Erin has been the person who answers every email, every question, and every order request. She is the heart of Di Costanzo’s standard of care and appreciation.

We make Di Costanzo because we believe in making beautiful wines that we love to drink, and sharing them with the world. In the years to come, expect more vineyards and experiences to enrich what we can share with you. To receive offers and allocations of Di Costanzo Wines, join our mailing list. This will ensure you a seat at our favorite kind of table: one that is crowded with friends and full of glasses of great wine.